September 13-14, 2004: Visiting Speaker Irit Rogoff

September 13: Irit Rogoff Lecture "Of Fear, Of Contact, Of Entanglement"
September 14: Irit Rogoff Workshop "Looking Away-Participating Singularities"

October 14, 2004: Worskhop with Michael Taussig

Michael Taussig Workshop"Color and Heat"

February 11, 2005: Places of Memory: A Visual Culture Faculty Colloquium

February 11, 2005: Book Party for Jill Casid's new book,"Sowing Empire: Landscape and Colonization"

February 23, 2005: Visual Culture Workshop with Rebecca Solnit

February 25, 2005: Visual Culture Workshop with Alexander Duttman, Professor of Philosophy and Visual Cultures, Goldsmith's College, London, on Visconti's "Il Lavoro"

March 30, 2005: Visual Culture Workshop with Philip Ball

April 4-6, 2005: Visiting Speaker John Greyson

April 4, 2005: Screening of "Proteus," a film by Jack Lewis and John Greyson followed by Q&A with John Greyson
April 5, 2005: John Greyson Lecture "THE QUEEN'S SORE THROAT"
April 6, 2005: John Greyson Workshop "AGIT-PROP FOR A NEW MILLENIUM"