September 26, 2003: Meet New Visual Culture Faculty Member, Preeti Chopra

October 24, 2003: Visual Culture Faculty Research Forum
Presentations by Mary Beltran (Communication Arts), Haodong Cai (Psychology), Linda Essig (Theatre and Drama), Lisa Gralnick (Art), Hong Jiang (Geography), Caroline Levine (English), Mark Nelson (Environment, Textiles, and Design), Tejumola Olaniyan (African Languages and Literature), and Kurt Squire (Curriculum and Instruction).

February 4, 2004: Interfaces: a Visual Culture Faculty Colloquium
Featuring talks by UW Faculty Julian Lombardi, Lisa Nakamura, and Kurt Squire.

February 9-13, 2004: Visiting Scholar Judith Halberstam

February 9: Judith Halberstam Graduate Seminar Visit for Border & Transcultural Studies
February 10: Judith Halberstam Workshop
February 11: Judith Halberstam Lecture, “Ceremonies of Our Present: Photography and Subcultural Lives.”
February 13: Judith Halberstam Undergraduate Class Visit
February 13: Judith Halberstam LGBT event

March 30-31, 2004: Visiting Scholar Rey Chow

March 30: Film Screening of Tsai Ming-liang's "The River."
March 31: Rey Chow Workshop, "The Protestant Ethnic and the Spirit of Capitalism."
March 31: Rey Chow Lecture, "A Pain in the Neck," An Episode of 'Incest,' and other Enigmas of an Allegorical Cinema: Tsai Ming-liang's 'The River.'"

April 14-18, 2004: Verbal Performance and Visual Cultures
African Literature Association 30th Anniversary Conference at the Pyle Center, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

April 21, 2004: Sex: A Visual Culture Faculty Colloquium
Featuring talks by UW Faculty Jill Casid, Anne McClintock, and Michael Peterson.